Assignment 2: Historical Event Summary

Select one of the events from the Timeline of Historical Events assignment, listed on the website, and write a four-hundred word summary of that event and its relevance for the US film industry. We will work on writing a thesis sentence for this assignment in class in preparation for this assignment.

To research your assignment, you must consult at least four research sources, at least two of which must be primary sources and none of these can be standalone Internet sources. You should use the suggested databases listed below:

You must cite your sources, according to MLA or Chicago.

The assignment will be due on October 3, as a hard copy in class and uploaded on Blackboard.

You may also post your summary on the course website for five (5) extra credit points.

  1. Sign in to your account;
  2. Click on the New Post link;
  3. Enter the text from your assignment in the composition space;
  4. To the right of the composition space, assign your post the category “Historical Event Summary” by selecting the checkbox, as shown in the image.
  5. Click the Publish button when finished.

Assign a category in WordPress

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