The NY World’s Fair Intro of T.V-The Start of a New Beginning

Between 1939 and 1940, The New York World’s Fair was held in Flushing Meadows- Corona Park. In the mist of the Great Depression, the widespread economic decline, and unemployment increase caused the nation to be concerned and devastated. The NY World’s Fair was the first exposition aiming to look forward to the future after the stage of downfall. ” The Dawn of a New Day” and ” The World of Tomorrow” were slogans used to attract visitors and bring hope to overcome the obstacles of the Great Depression. Among the new technologies and inventions that were promoted was the television. The Radio Corporation of America was one of the first companies that introduced the television models to the American public, and announced that station broadcasting was a new way of entertainment. The Radio Corporation of America was set up in 1919 by several electric equipment manufactures joining together. This joint venture occurred when the United States entered World War The federal government took over foreign stations and handed them over to the United States companies. The Radio Corporation of America started out with radio broadcasting by forming a company called National Broadcasting Company(NBC) in 1926. In 1932, RCA’s operations were separated and the companies that they were affiliated with (GE, AT and T, and Westinghouse) were forced to sell their share of the company. RCA kept their possession of NBC and moved their headquarters to Rockefeller Center which is now known as Radio City. David Sarnoff was the president of RCA since 1930 and wished to pursue television technology and research.Vladimir Zworykin was put in charge of RCA’s television research division. After obtaining their patents for television, RCA felt comfortable to promote the television technology by 1939.
The World’s Fair’s grand opening was April. 30, 1939, and was mean to influence Americans and inform them of the new technologies and inventions that would be available to them in the near future. The fair was divided into zones and themes, such as the Transportation Zone, The Communication and Business Systems Zone, The Food Zone, the Government Zone , and others. Television was introduced as an industry and art that Americans were interested in knowing more information about. After much research in laboratories and millions spent , RCA announced at the World Fair that television receivers and television program service will be made available to the public. The day of the World’s Fair television sets were being sold by merchants in the New York area.
With the invention and introduction to this new media came opportunity for employment in this field and this brought great interest to the American people after the devastations the Great Depression had brought. The television brought Americans social and industrial changes that were needed at this time. The Radio Corporation’s World Fair exhibition of television was a great milestone in American history because Americans were astonished when they were able to communicate or be informed about important information by radio transmission, yet television brought sight to the sound.

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