Carl Laemmle Big Move to Hollywood Success

Carl Laemmle is the name that should be known for the rise of the Hollywood era. Uncle Carl his nickname used in the film business, his innovated efforts to rebel against big companies at that time. He started his independent film production, what is called Independent Moving Pictures (IMP). This company IMP, later called Universal Motion Pictures. Carl Laemmle started from the bottom. He worked at a clothing store in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and he became a manager. This is the place where his first ideas arouse in the quest to start in the motion picture industry. He saved up money from working at the store, saving up $3000 – $3600. There after he resigned his position at the store on his quest to make it big in the film industry with the help from his uncle to join his lease, allow him to start his dream.


The beginning of the merger of the Edison Company and the Biograph Company was a threat towards the minor film companies; the independents. Carl Laemmle was not contempt with this big move from the patent company, but he had no choice to join the merger. Afterwards, Mr. Laemmle had a plan to leave the patent company and he did. He came to a conclusion that you can’t make money in America without American films. The only way he could buy films were from the trust, the patent company merger. He was helpless by the patent power; he decided to make his own films. This is the very beginning and rise of the IMP Company.


Carl wanted to decide what type of film he was going to make were real life plays that are dramatized. Hiawatha, the first IMP film to start off his independent film making company. Hiawatha, Carl Laemmle made that name up overnight. This decision was great, because it separated the style from the Edison Company that was about regular pictures. After this first IMP film, everything became successful for Carl Laemmle and his company. Another accomplishment in the film industries actor where not know by their name, so he created the star system allowing stars to get fame and fortune in that time.


The first American film studios started in New York. Independent filmmakers moved to Los Angeles to continue filming to escape monopoly film industry. One of the reasons they moved because Los Angeles is nearer to Mexico. The Independent’s thinking they can flee from the wrath of injunctions from the patent company.


In 1913, Hollywood became the central ground for all things about film. Uncle Carl made so much money he built Universal City in Los Angeles. Also Universal Studios is the beginning of the Western, which was a popular genre in that time. It’s amazing that you can start your dream from $3000 something dollars to millions. Carl Laemmle will always be known for his great contribution to the film industry.

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