Assignment 3: Legacy of an American Film

Please note that this assignment is different from the one listed on the syllabus, although it will be due in class on November 28.


Using the film you selected in class on Monday, or were assigned if you were not present, locate at least five (5) primary sources that either review the film or report upon its release. Your shouldsummarize these sources and synthesize the overall reception of the film upon its release. If you find that some of your sources do not aid in evaluating the release of the film, you should select other sources.

An easy way to find primary sources for these films is to use the AFI Catalog of Feature Films, which has a website at Rosenthal Library also has a hard copy edition of the catalog in the reference section, call number PN1998 .A57. The catalog lists primary sources for each entry, some of which may be available to access online but most will require a trip to the library.

Rosenthal also has guides to locate film reviews from the New York Times (PN1995 .N4) and Variety (PN1995 .V34).

Another valuable source is the Historical New York Times database available through ProQuest, where you might find articles relating to the film.


Your written report should be at least 1,500 words in length. You should avoid summarizing the film or discussing aspects of the film that you did not find in those sources. You must cite sources properly, using parenthetical citations (MLA) or footnotes/endnotes (Chicago), for any fact in your paper that is not “common knowledge.”

To submit your report, bring a hard copy to class and upload your electronic document to the Assignments section of Blackboard. Double space your text and number the pages of your paper.

Late papers will be penalized 10% per day and will not be accepted after Friday, December 2.

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