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On The Town

I have never seen Frank Sinatra in color before and his night “On the Town” a vibrant performance.  This movie was released on December 30th in 1949. Its genre can be classified a romantic comedy or a musical romance. I … Continue reading

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The Jazz Singer

The movie, The Jazz Singer started off great because it showed passion from begining to end. especially in the way the Jack the boy performed in the saloon. It showed how he loves to share his voice even if it … Continue reading

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Revue-MCA Buys Universal Pictures

Revue-MCA Buys Universal Pictures  One historical moment in Hollywood was the buy out of Universal studios from MCA. This entertainment conglomerate tapped in all markets of the American film history influencing other conglomerates to buy out other media companies. MCA also … Continue reading

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Why We Fight !

The historical moments shown in the film date back to 1941, right at the beginning of United States involvement in World War II. The graphic footage of carnage caused by Nazism and Fascism is  portrayed by director Frank Capra  as … Continue reading

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Scott Brandi: Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor

Historical Event Summary Japanese Bombers Attack Pearl Harbor, Prompting the U.S. to Enter WWII- Dec. 7, 1941 When President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the nation after the events of Dec. 7, 1941, he called it “a date that will live … Continue reading

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Go to a Drive-In, in Queens, without a Car

Is seeing a silent film, with live organist accompaniment, in a restored movie palace from the 1920s not enough to satisfy your thirst for recreating a forgotten form of watching movies? Starting this Friday, October 4, you can see films … Continue reading

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Mary Pickford Film at a Movie Palace

The Loew’s Jersey, built in 1929, is a landmark movie palace that has been restored over the last few years to resemble its original state. Most movie palaces have been divided into multiplexes or were altered beyond recognition. Most end … Continue reading

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